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Help us take computing device technology to new places.


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We are a software development consultancy on a mission to help create products based on new and substantially helpful applications of computing device technology. We want to bring technology to areas where it traditionally hasn’t been well utilized in order to create major improvements for those involved.

We are currently a small team, but we have a big desire to find the right people to help us do more. We’re keen to talk with people who could work with us successfully both in the consultancy work and increasingly on our own R&D.

Your Impact

You’ll work as part of a team helping our customers to create awesome high tech devices and related systems that are used by people around the world and in a variety of sectors. 

To do this you’ll be teaming up with other stunningly on-to-it people to work on a wide variety of device related software. This is difficult and challenging work where your consistent effort, open communication and deep desire to help our clients will lead to successful results. You’ll need to care about the best way to get things done, and you’ll be part of defining the direction of our internal R&D.

What Matters

While we’re definitely open to new things, in order to be a successful part of our team we think it’ll be helpful for you to know what we feel is fundamentally important in our work.

We really care about providing real value to our customers, and that our work benefits everyone involved. We feel that we’ll be most successful over time by focusing on continual improvement, for everyone to care about and be able to share thoughts on company direction, internal processes and customer issues.

For us, it’s important that our work overall has a positive societal impact, and this directs us in both big ways and small.

Spore Lab is most definitely a place where you’ll need to enjoy highly technical and challenging work. You’ll need to always be pushing and learning, asking “is this the best way to do things?” We hope you’ll be able to teach us something new, and Spore Lab becomes a place where you can create lasting friendships.

What It's Like

Of course it’s always best to come and see for yourself first, but the following might give you a bit of an idea:

  • We feel we’re a hard working team that is highly motivated but also down to earth and who enjoy a balanced lifestyle.
  • We love working with people from varying backgrounds, and hope everyone feels like they can be themselves at work. Dress how you like. You could even get away with crocs (only just).
  • You choose the tools you need. If you’re like us you’ll know exactly what you want to use, so as much as possible you’ll get to choose.
  • In terms of time & location we like to be as flexible as possible to allow you to work at your best.
  • Do you like trying out cool new gadgets? We have a budget for that.
  • We might not have a Google like cafeteria, but we make sure we’re well stocked for drinks and snacks (importantly coffee to fuel the machine).
  • We enjoy getting outside too, especially on our bikes. Join in on a MTB ride up the hills and maybe even take part in the annual 6 hour race.

Home Base

Christchurch, New Zealand


While we work with companies around the world and our team is somewhat distributed, Christchurch is our home base.

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. Being surrounded by mountain loads of nature for inspiration makes it a great place to work.