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If you are looking for assistance with any aspect of software powered device products, we can help.


Starting with market insight and concept validation, then on to software development including low level hardware support right through to high level UI design, we have expertise in every aspect of creating software powered computing device related products. We can use this to help you create a product that is fit for market, fit for use and fit for its users.

While we focus on software development, we also work with partners to provide the hardware design capabilities required for physical aspects of the product.



Concept Research & Validation


From our own product research efforts we have significant capability and insight which we can share with you to help kickstart your efforts. We have the ability to provide constructive market information on your product concept to help you move in the best direction.

Prototype Development


We have the capability to quickly bring together all of the components required to create the critical first prototype of your product.

Low-Level Hardware Support


We specialize in undertaking the final preparation work required to ensure that the existing vendor and open source hardware platform support meets requirements, performs correctly and is well tuned for the specific device. This work is generally a combination of specific board support implementation, device driver configuration and additions, as well as configuration and fine-tuning of other critical software components.

Embedded, Cloud & Mobile App Development


We have strong experience in developing applications for task-specific embedded devices as well as both mobile devices (iOS and Android) and the cloud. Our mobile and cloud experience has a particular emphasis on apps that interact with other devices. We can develop focused, usable and reliable applications to meet specific needs.

Assistance with Specific Issues


While we can handle every aspect of device software development, we know that often something specific comes up that you need extra help to deal with. We love tackling challenging problems and also like the chance to work in together with other teams, so if you have a specific problem or area you need assistance with we would love to help.


We make sure to stay agile and follow an iterative design process wherever possible, with particular emphasis on the following points.

  • Continuous focus of effort on the end result
  • Short, fast development and feedback cycles
  • Open and regular communication
  • Helping teams make informed decisions

The process is always guided by the desire to keep it simple and to make sure it works for everyone involved.


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