In late 2015 Bluewater Systems (Aiotec Ltd), a leading developer of advanced electronic products for more than 12 years, chose to scale down its consultancy operations. At this time a number of employees came together to form Spore Lab, acquiring many aspects of the software arm of Bluewater Systems.

Spore Lab is focused on developing the software required to power new applications of computing device technology, while working with partners to provide the hardware design capabilities in order to develop products based on that. We both invest in our own product R&D and offer design and development services.

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If you are looking for assistance with any aspect of embedded device software, we can help.

From market insight and concept validation to all levels of software development, we have expertise in every aspect of creating software powered computing device related products. We can help you create a new product that is fit for market, fit for use and fit for its users.

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