Bringing new applications of software powered device technology to life.


We invest in searches for insight into possible new matches between needs and software powered device technology, craft and validate complete product concepts, design and develop the required software functionality, and then work with others to bring products based on this to life.





The large scale connection of intelligent sensing devices and the possible applications based on that offer incredible potential. But this potential will only be realised if the underlying technology can be harnessed in the right way.

Cloud & Mobile Apps


It's when physical computing devices are linked with the board scale processing and interaction capability of cloud services that things can get really interesting. Mobile apps can act as highly effective interfaces to both those services and to individual devices directly.

Low-Level Hardware Support


Specialised device hardware requires specialized software support. Getting this critical software right requires special skill, and we love the challenge.



This is where devices and humans meet, and much of the success of a product depends on how well the interface has been designed with humans in mind.