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If you need assistance with device software development or IoT systems creation, we’re here to help.


Device Software Engineering


From low-level embedded hardware support right through to high level UI design and cloud infrastructure, we have expertise and experience in every aspect of the software required to power great device products. Our range of skills allow us to help you create products that are fit for market, fit for use and fit for your users.


IoT Systems Creation


From prototyping to full system implementation and everything in between. We can provide full stack design and delivery covering software development, hardware options and deployment.


“Spore Lab gave us very high calibre technical service across embedded, Android and web platforms. Very professional, friendly and personal service. We engaged them so many times in different projects, they were like an extension of our in-house team!”

Mathijs Nieuwenhuijsen
Software Manager, Dynamic Controls

“The Z would not be anywhere near as functional and ground breaking without Spore Lab's smarts to develop all of the complexity happening inside the mouse. We simply could not have achieved what we did, in the time that we had, without their world class expertise.”

Grant Odgers
Founder, Swiftpoint



If you are looking for help with a project or product idea, we'd love to talk.