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From high tech consumer devices through to business to business software development support, we work with clients in a range of exciting industries. We revel in being able to work on products pushing the boundaries of their respective fields, and grateful to our clients for placing their trust in us. Here’s what we’ve been working on.


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IoT Platform Device Management

AWS, Node.js, Linux

We assisted with the development of an IoT product development and operational platform. We focused on the device interaction and management aspects, including both the device side using Linux and Node.js and the cloud side using AWS services and Node.js.

Android BLE App & WEB Frontend

Android, BLE, Web

We helped develop an Android app that communicates with an embedded device over Bluetooth LE. As another part of the larger overall project, we also provided assistance with the Web frontend (based on Vue.js)

Android For Handheld Measurement Device

Android, Linux, Git

We assisted in providing a stable Android OS platform for the product. We also worked on lower level device support as well as provided advice on specific challenges around source code handling and development processes.

Firmware for USB HID Device


We developed the full firmware stack for a highly complex consumer USB HID product which has received an extremely positive market response. The product integrates a large number of peripheral devices. We also assisted with the low-level Windows and Mac USB support.

Multi-Repo Source Code Development Process Advice

Git, GitLab, CI

We shared our experience in setting up a modern source management and build system suitable for use with complex multi-repository software projects which are typical in embedded device development.

iOS and Mac Support for Bluetooth HID Device

iOS, Mac, BLE, USB

We developed firstly the iOS app and SDK, then secondly the Mac side software support for a new and unique Bluetooth LE HID device which has received rave reviews around the world since its launch.

BLE Support for Embedded Controller

BLE, ARM, Android

We assisted with the design and implementation of a BLE based data transmission protocol for an embedded controller, and then helped take the product through Bluetooth certification. We also developed the embedded side Flash data storage mechanism, and provided a test Android BLE application.

Low-Level Software For Media Controller

Linux, ARM

We provided the final low-level software additions and adjustments needed to support the higher-level software requirements of a media server / system controller.

Software for Factory Test System

Linux, ARM

We provided the updates and improvements to a Linux powered factory test system in order to ensure ongoing smooth operation.

Our Products


Yield Estimation Refined

Vure is a mobile and cloud based viticulture information system. Developed in consultation with a number of wineries across New Zealand, stage one of Vure is designed to help remove the hassles, headaches and inefficiencies in yield estimation data capture.


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